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Julian Arvo, Adam Ridaoui, Bob Hanscom, “Backing The 2020 Squash Bid!”

Bob Hanscom is the (15 year) retired Los Angeles Athletic Club Squash Professional. Bob has temporarily come out of retirement to promote the newly installed squash court and program at the Arroyo Seco Racquet Club. As for Backing The Squash 2020 Bid, Bob said:

“Even though modern pentathlon, taekwondo, and badminton were among those considered to be dropped from the 2020 Olympic Games program, (surprisingly) the core sport of wrestling was omitted. Had one of the above-mentioned sports been eliminated, squash would have (still may) had a better chance of being selected as the “new” 2020 Summer Olympic Game sport.

“Most of the world (apparently) believes wrestling belongs in the Games…but so does squash! Let’s hope hope the IOC’s General Assembly re-considers their decision in September – and “re-instate” wrestling, allowing a “new” sport into the Games of 2020…SQUASH! It truly deserves to be there!”

Jim Arvo, 1956-2011

Jim would have been proud of his son playing squash, as his greatest pleasure was spending time with his beloved son. They enjoyed trading riddles, playing board games, watching movies, juggling, playing catch, basketball, and working together in their garage that Jim enjoyed remodeling himself. Jim was a constant fixture at Julian’s sporting activities, an avid tennis and squash-player himself, as well as a five-time marathon runner.

Little seven-year-old junior tennis and squash player Adam Ridaoui is the son of head Arroyo Seco Racquet Club tennis professional Mike Ridaoui.

 Mike Ridaouri

Coach Ridaoui has an extensive world-wide, 30-year teaching and playing background. He came to the club and iTennis after a five year stint working for the Safe Passage program in Carson, CA. Prior to that he worked at the Bayside Tennis Club in Bayside, New York. He was the #1 doubles tennis player in Morrocco from 1991-1993 – and the African doubles champion with Karim Alimi in 1991.



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