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Rugby Sevens bade farewell to the World Games yesterday in Cali, Colombia – because for 2016 they’ll be “promoted” to the Olympic Games in Rio.

Without wishing to offend anyone, everyone in squash will be hoping that come the 2017 World Games in Wroclaw, Poland, Squash will be bidding farewell too, having been given a spot in the 2020 Olympic programme in Madrid, Tokyo or Istanbul.

That decision will be made in just five weeks’ time (8th Sep in Buenos Aires) as the IOC meets to determine the host city and also which one of Squash, Wrestling and Baseball/Softball will join the party.

Wrestling is the bookies’ favourite for a quick return – if they get the nod they’ll effectively never have been away – with Baseball/Softball still having problems getting their top players involved, and squash stressing its position as a genuinely new proposition for the games.

For now though, congratulations to Nicol David for a third World Games Gold in a row, and to Gregory Gaultier for adding to France’s Gold medal tally (for the record France finished third in the table behind Italy and Russia).

Thanks for the medals, but …

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