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With less than a month to go to the crucial IOC vote on the final sport to be included in the 2020 Olympic Program, all three contenders are stepping up their campaigns, behind the scenes no doubt and also on various social media campaigns.

The #Vote4Squash campaign continues to grow, with more and more celebrity and influential endorsements coming along every day … keep them coming, but maybe we need a boost in the home run (sorry, Baseball) to make sure the IOC counts out (sorry, Wrestling) the other contenders.

Looking through some old photos we came up with an idea …

So here goes with #HitTheNick where you post photos of your best shots, extreme positions, weird poses, giant squash rackets, fantastic action shots, … whatever you can think of really as long as it involves a squash racket (it doesn’t have to be new, but obviously fresh and relevant ones are better).

Here’s a few from the archives to give you some inspiration … but remember, the more extreme the better.

IMPORTANT:  if you Tweet them or put them on Facebook, or Instagram, or wherever,
remember to include the #HitTheNick AND #Vote4Squash tags


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