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Squash Fans try new Ball Game

Alan Thatcher reports

Soccer-loving squash fans are taking the 2020 Olympic bid to football stadiums as the Premier League kicks off a new season.

Squash enthusiasts will be unfurling banners saying “Squash for the Olympics” at major matches as they bid to attract the attention of TV and newspaper cameramen.

The campaign kicks off at West Bromwich Albion’s Premier League game against Southampton.

Organisers hope similar banners can be unfurled at other big games before the big Olympic vote in Buenos Aires next month.

A spokesman for the unofficial fan group said: “We hope that squash fans can do the same at NFL games in the States, and some of the big Rugby League matches in Australia.

“It would be great to get pictures showing Squash 2020 banners being waved at major events all over the world.

“With baseball one of the rival sports for the available spot in the 2020 Olympics, it would be a major coup if squash fans in the States could wave some banners at the big ballparks.

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What YOU can do

Going to a Premier League Match, or other Sporting Event this weekend ?

Download and print this poster – as big and as many as you can – and get them noticed at the match, especially if the TV cameras are on you, or get a group of you noticed by the newspaper photographers.

In the UK, let’s see if we can get the Sky Sports pundits wondering what it’s all about on air, and get Lineker, Shearer and Hansen telling Match of the Day audiences that they can’t believe Squash isn’t already in the Olympics …



Well done to James Roberts at the West Bromwich Albion EPL match




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