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Nicol – A quick chat about the Olympics…

With just two weeks to go to Olympic Decision Day in Buenos Aires, we have a #Vote4Squash chat with you know who …

Why is this time so exciting you think?

Little anecdote, when I moved here to Amsterdam, I remember thinking, give it 10 years, Squash really needs 10 years to really kick off. And I’ve been in Amsterdam 10 years!

I saw it progress, and this time it’s the first time that everybody is involved, it’s like we all have something to go for, there is a certain connection that maybe we lacked in the previous bids.

And those two bids that we lost has really pumped ourselves up that we can do better..

When (not if) we hear that we are Olympic, what will you do?

I will just stand for a good 10 minutes and then realise that we are in.

I’ll definitely be emotional. Because when we thought we were in in London, for the first five minutes, I was completely elated, then it changed….

I don’t know, I’ll just be running around and I’m pretty sure I’ll be having a party right after that!!!

Do we stand a chance?

Of course we do.

But it’s all beyond our control anyway, so we’ll just have to stick to what we can do; stick to our guns.

And do what we do best … play squash !!!

Nicol David

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