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Twice world champion Nick Matthew is keeping everything crossed ahead of one of the most momentous days in squash history.

The Sheffield born star, like the rest of the global squash community, is counting down to September 8th when the International Olympic Committee will decide which of squash, wrestling and softball/baseball will be admitted to the Olympic program for the 2020 Games.

Matthew, who is bidding for a hat-trick of titles at the AJ Bell World Squash Championship in Manchester (October 26th -November 3rd), is certainly hopeful of a positive verdict from the meeting in Buenos Aires.

“The sport appears to be enjoying a surge in popularity which is down to the hard work of a lot of different people,” says the newly married Yorkshire born racket master.

“London 2012 was a big low to the sport because it rammed home we weren’t an Olympic sport.

“But in a strange way it gave our bid more exposure because I think many people just assumed squash was already in the Games.

“So, there was a momentum built up from people wanting to see a sport like squash in the Olympics.

“As I said, I believe the sport is on the crest of a wave and hopefully we can carry on with the momentum.”

Essex star Peter Barker, a semi-finalist at the 2011 World Championships and a winner of the Colombian Open this summer, is also on tenterhooks ahead of September 8th.

“I really believe squash deserves to be an Olympic sport,” says Barker who recently became a dad for the first time. “But in life you don’t always get what you deserve.

“The sport is in really good shape and has been for a few years. So, it’s not the be-all and end-all if the vote goes against us.

“But it would certainly complete the sport and complete everyone’s wishes if we get the nomination in Buenos Aires.

“We’re up against a few other well supported sports but I am staying optimistic.”

“Recognition as an Olympic sport would accelerate the growth plans we’re making,” says Alex Gough, Chief Executive of the Professional Squash Association.

“If we are included in the 2020 Olympics, we’d expect investment in the sport to double within the next three to four years.”


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