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Peter Nicol and Tim Garner set off on their ambitious “7 matches in 7 days on 7 continents” challenge at 11.59 on Wednesday, setting out from from London’s Pall Mall, then on to RAF Brize Norton for a flight to the Falkland Islands.

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11-Apr, 12.00 (UK): Minor blip on way to @7ContinentChall
8 hour delay in Ascencion due to adverse weather in Falklands! Just like home!

10-Apr: Setting off from Brize Norton


Day, Date, Location, Continent, Result
Day 1, 13-Apr, Falkland Islands, Antarctica,
Day 2, 14-Apr, Santiago Chile, South America,
Day 3, 16-Apr, Sydney Australia, Oceania,
Day 4, 17-Apr, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Asia,
Day 5, 18-Apr, Cairo Egypt, Africa,
Day 6, 19-Apr, London UK, Europe,
Day 7, 20-Apr, New York USA, North America ,


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