About the Bid

Squash has never been in the Olympics, but everyone involved in the game knows that it would not only be a perfect fit for the Olympic ideals, but that it truly deserves to be there too.

The overwhelming reaction from non-players is surprise that squash isn’t already there.


Squash narrowly missed out  – squash and karate were actually voted onto the London 2012 programme by the 2005 IOC session in Singapore, but were cruelly and controversially denied when they failed to  muster the two-thirds majority required in a subsequent vote to grant them “Olympic Sport” status (wouldn’t you expect them to decide that before adding them to the programme ???).


In 2009 another campaign fell by the wayside when the IOC decided to add Golf and Rugby Sevens to the Rio 2016 programme, replacing Baseball and Softball (who were voted out in the 2005 process) to put the sports back to the maximum of 28.


The current bid saw seven candidate sports – Squash, Karate, Wushu, Sport Climbing, Baseball/Softball, Rollersports and Wakeboard – vying to be added to the program in the place of Wrestling, which was dropped in Feb 2013 but was then added to the list of candidate sports.

Having held ‘inspection’ events in 2012 – squash’s was the Hong Kong Open – and presented their cases to the IOC commission in December, the sports made further presentations in May, after which the commission selected Squash, Baseball/Softball and Wrestling to be put to the full IOC session in September.

Fingers crossed everyone, fingers crossed.

The Process

  • 8th Sep 2013: Full IOC session chooses  one sport
    (and also the host City) 

The bid for 2020 allows for men’s and women’s draws of 32 each only – no doubles, no team event.

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[jbox title=”The 2005 Singapore Decision (from Wikipedia)” color=”red”]

The 28 sports in the Summer Olympics programme that existed at that time were all put up on the ballots, three years after a similar attempt failed to gain support from IOC members during the 114th IOC Session in Mexico City.

Prior to the voting, baseball, softball, modern pentathlon, taekwondo and fencing were considered as most likely to be dropped. Five non-Olympic sports would then be voted to get in, in case any of the existing sports would be dropped, as IOC rules allow a maximum of 28 Summer Olympic sports. These sports – golf, roller sports, squash, rugby and karate – were recommended by the IOC Olympic Games Program Committee, which shortlisted the sports that applied to be included.

In the morning IOC members voted to remove baseball and softball from the games.

In the afternoon, a secret vote by IOC members gave squash and karate over 51% of votes, but a subsequent vote to include them in the list of Olympic sports in the Olympic Charter failed to get the necessary two-thirds majority needed for such amendment. Therefore, by the end of the day two sports were dropped and none added, and the program of the 2012 Summer Olympics was reduced to 26 sports.


2009: Golf and Rugby added to the 2016 Program